Thursday, 9 March 2017

Game Review and Explanation - Subnautica

This is a game that I really like. It has just the right mix of adventure, farming, and stunning graphics. Subnautica is a survival / crafting game in which you take the place of a spaceship crash survivor, and you land on Planet 4546B, inside a small lifepod. You then have to survive using the planet's resources, building things of increasing difficulty. You make small submarines, large submarines, exosuits, undersea bases... Then, after you have repaired your damaged craft, you start to get messages with coordinates of other lifepods contained, but all is not what is seems, after all, why are all of the lifepods destroyed? Why did the Aurora crash? And what is that strange green glow on some of the creatures?
I think that the story has sort of been crammed into the game, not really fitting, but the fact that it is an early-access game more than makes up for all of its flaws. I think that the game is the right price, £15, Overall I would give this game a 9/10, but this might change in the future!

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