Saturday, 4 March 2017

Team Fortress 2 - Classes - Scout

So, to continue this new series, let's start with the class rated one on the select screen... The scout! He's fast, he's cocky, and he has a whole load of attitude! Coming from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, he is one of the three 'offence' classes. He was the youngest of eight boys from the south side of Boston, he learnt early how to beat the crap out of people! As he was the youngest, fights usually ended before he could get himself into punching distance. This ended in the scout learning to run fast. He ran all of the time, until, finally, he could beat his siblings! In-game he can 'double jump' which can prove to be an amazing asset to him on the battlefield. He is used best when flanking and whittling down his enemies health, before running away! However, the scout has one of the lowest health out of all of the characters. This makes him very vulnerable on the front line. He pushes carts and captures point at two times the speed of other classes. He is the only class with this ability naturally. Both the soldier and the demoman have the same ability while holding the 'pain train' item. For the Meet the Team video for the Scout, click on the link below.

Meet the Scout


  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but you've said hes fast 😉

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